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The President’s Biker supporters aren’t paid by George Soros like the Democrats – they are patriots supporting Trump and our country. All of the Democrat supporters are George Soros thugs who are bused in and paid by Soros to tear up the country.

Again, the Dem’s supporters were bused in and paid by George Soro as part of his plan to make this a socialist/muslim nation which is part of the One World Order and wealth distribution.

God Bless the Bikers for supporting our country and what it stands for – especially our gallant Lady, Sarah Sanders, who has to deal with these Democrat thugs every day.


Fellowship of the Minds

On June 23, Red Hen owner Stephanie Wilkinson, ever the tolerant liberal, kicked Sanders and her party of 8, including her in-laws, out of the restaurant because Sanders is a Trump administration staffer. Not content with publicly humiliating Sanders, the rabid Wilkinson pursued Sanders’ in-laws to another restaurant and organized a protest in front of that restaurant while the in-laws dined inside. Ironically, Sanders’ in-laws are Democrats.

Last Saturday evening, June 30, Bikers for Trump rode into downtown Lexington, VA, to protest The Red Hen’s shabby treatment of Sarah Sanders.

Dozens of Bikers for Trump, including some in cars, joined other motorcyclists for the Saturday evening “Red Hen Ride,” to show support for the president and administration and, as ride organizer Douglas Thompson said, “to have fun.”

As the bikers rode past The Red Hen, a crowd cheered.

The bikers then returned to the Red Hen on foot, and joined…

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