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All of these people are a part of George Soros and are paid protesters. When is the government going to stop Soros from interfering with our country?

Watching the protesters today was amazing. These illegals know when they arrive at the border with a child because of the interaction that takes place – these parents know they are going to be separated.

The ones who are making a lot of noise forget that we have a new President and no longer have the law breaker – Obama. When they enter the country – THEY HAVE BROKEN THE LAW – PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Where did these people get the idea they have the right to break the law? Why don’t they want to fight to make their own country great?

The Democrats, Kamila Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are wanting these people to enter illegally.

Have these three tried to enter Mexico or any other country without the proper papers?

Strange the three of them haven’t mentioned the children whose parents are incarcerated and have been separated. Instead of allowing these illegals to come in – why not spend that money on our incarcerated parents children.

All three are members of the hijacked Democrat muslim/communist Party and do not follow the Constitution. Under Obama’s rule – the Dem’s followed Sharia law. Now they want to abolish ICE so they can let the illegals roam free in the country? What country would allow that?

What is the punishment for swearing and then not following the Constitution and the rule of law like Obama did?

If a person is elected it should be mandatory to follow the Constitution and the laws of the country. If not, they should be thrown out of office. We have to put some teeth into our Constitution. The entire government under Obama were nothing but a “gang or thieves” as has been proven.

Remember the Supreme Court voted that Obama in eight years never passed any law by the Constitution.

A good example is the Mueller investigation which is all talk and no results. The people who are supposed to be in charge are Democrats who are working against the President and are making a mockery of the judicial system just like Obama, Holder, Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Comey, et al.

Enough time spent on talking – time to put some teeth in our laws and put some of these people in jail and show that our Constitution works.

The Democrats are banking that the Constitution doesn’t work.


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