It looks like MEATHEAD, Rob Reiner, is still as dense as he was on Archie Bunker. He has come out of the “BUNKER’ and uses our President to plug a new movie. All of these producers are against the American people and our duly elected President – we need to boycott their movies. Let’s show them – we have the ‘power of the purse.’ Who wants to see a movie made by this “dumb a$$?” He is a typical BABY LATE BLOOMER.

Hollywood’s elites use their fame and fortune to push one progressive cause or liberal political candidate after another. But with recent public revelations concerning acts of drug use, sexual abuse, suicides and harassment by their own, coupled with their community’s silence about it, Hollywood’s moral high ground has been abandoned.


Rob Reiner Implies Trump Responsible for Annapolis Shootings

Liberty Headlines – Michael Barnes
June 29, 2018

(Tells you how scrambled his brains are to make such a stupid remark.)

‘It’s unbelievable. Everyday it’s an avalanche of horror!’
One of Hollywood’s most successful producer/directors appeared on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” on Thursday to plug his new movie championing the media, and he also took the opportunity to tie President Donald Trump to a horrific shooting in Annapolis, Maryland.


What else would you expect from Meat Head – he takes his brains out and scrambles them every day?


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