KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO New Mister Rogers Documentary Is Full Of Surprises About An American Icon. Reclaim Our Republic.

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This has to be corrected. The people who are dictating what should and should not be available for reading needs to be stopped. The Hollyweed directors are a good example – there are no movies that are suitable for the formation of young people’s minds. What we see is just thousands of movies with destruction and killing – enough is enough.

Also, the Secretary of Education needs to be sure we are teaching Civics and American and state history in our schools. It has been proven that for 30 years – beginning with Bill Clinton – those subjects are not being taught in our schools.

If our children do not understand what our fore fathers went thru to build this beautiful country – how do we know what direction they need to go to keep it on the right track and improve it?

As we know, beginning with Clinton – that politician and his wife have tried to reduce our country to a level of degradation – in line with their thinking of socialism.

Remember the ten commandments and recognize how you treat others and how you want to be treated. The left’s train has left the station of civility and is running rough shod into the pit of the devil.

We must test them for drugs because Obama supplied them a menu full of them. People don’t act as irrational as they do without being hooked on something and their wires are touched. Ask any doctor?


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