Why would anyone vote for Mitt Romney when he will not work with the people’s agenda but the One World Order’s agenda?

RINO Romney Rips Trump In New Op-Ed

06/25/2018 Source: TTN by: TTN Staff

Attempting to separate himself from President Trump as the primary approaches Tuesday Mitt Romney penned an op-ed to the Salt Lake Tribune. In the op-ed, Mr. Romney had some harsh words for the actions of the president.

According to the Daily Mail:
Mitt Romney told Utah voters he won’t stay silent when President Donald Trump says or does something ‘divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions.’

(Hmm – when has he been silent? Surely the people see through this hypocrite. When the wind changes – so does Romney. This is the pot calling the kettle black – he has already tested all of those things he won’t stay silent on don’t let him fool you.

Romney can’t accept the fact that he is a “has been politician” and can’t accept – he is not electable by the American people so he is taking a last gasp for a breath of air with the people of Utah. Hope these people realize he is part of the Bush I One World Order and wealth distribution.)

But, he added, he will support the administration when it’s in the best interests of Utah – sure he will if it doesn’t hurt the One World Order.

Romney’s comments, made in an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune, come ahead of Tuesday’s primary contest for Utah’s Senate seat against state Rep. Mike Kennedy.

In his opinion piece, he sought to clarify his thoughts on Trump – a man he has both derided and praised.

This looks like typical Mitt. Moving from one stance to another depending on what the political climate is at the time. Hopefully, he can find an opinion to stand firm on if he is elected to serve in the Senate.

If I were voting – it would be State Rep. Mike Kennedy – some one who you know is going to represent you and what he stands for.

Romney would not represent the people as a Senator – he proved that when the joined the #NEVER TRUMP group. He would represent the Elite Repub’s who have hooked up with the Democrats. Romney is not a Republican and should have run as a Democrat – he doesn’t fit in the Repub Party – he would be a Rino and would not support the people’s agenda.

Hope the people of Utah can see this fake Republican for what he is.


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