KOMMONSENTSJANE – Proof that MSM news on Trump’s “family separation” is political propaganda. Fellowship of the Minds.

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This story is just one of many manufactured stories.

The way that the Democrats are reacting to each manufactured crisis in the U.S. is concerning especially how adamant they are for the border to be open.

Rumors are that the democrats have been paid off by the cartel to let the drugs continue to run free rein thru the border as they were during the Obama administration. They all get so bent out of joint that I am afraid they are all hooked on drugs. They are acting like it with their out-bursts. Just watch them on TV – they don’t seem to be able to control their actions.

Look at our opioid epidemic – 36,000 people died last year from an over dose – that is a lot of people and no one is talking about it.

Something is going on here.

The government needs to have the Democrats and news media tested for drugs cause they aren’t acting normal. We have been alerted by the young lady who worked for Obama about how plentiful drugs were.


Fellowship of the Minds

The Oxford Dictionary defines “propaganda” as “Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

Here is visual evidence of the MSM’s propaganda — a misleading, and therefore deceptive,  image of a little crying girl.

For its July 2, 2018 print issue, Time magazine has a cover of an image of President Trump as a bully towering over a tiny, crying child.

The Time cover is very deceptive because the magazine photoshopped the kid from another deceptive pic (below) of the tearful 2-year-old Honduran migrant illegal border-crosser girl, which has become the emblematic face of fake-news MSM’s propaganda about Trump’s so-called “family separation” policy toward “undocumented immigrants”.

Both pictures are lies.

It turns out that the little girl was never separated from her mother.

The little girl’s father, Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, 32, says that his…

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