The liberal left cult have another one of their childish outburst and go berserk over the media manufactured separation of families. These spells seem to be happening more frequently to the point they are out of control. They don’t vote anymore with the Congress so things are at a stalemate. Therefore,when we have the next election we need to put them out to pasture because they have lost their interest in doing their job

Can you believe the extremes they are having on their shows – it is pitiful? I can’t believe the advertisers are putting their money toward this stuff – unbelievable. It is like a comedy show every day because the way their pendulums swing. All of them are given the same talking points and when you channel surf it sounds like an echo.

One thing you didn’t see was: Yes, Obama separated families.

The whole gambit was similar to the following:

Rachel Maddow tearing up on air about immigrant babies being sent to ‘tender age’ shelters.

Mika Brzezinski rebuffs Joe Scarborough’s hand-holding attempt: ‘Don’t do that. Not on the air!’

I think we need to send in the white coats before it is too late.


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