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June 20, 2018

Strange – I received a comment on this blog from S. Scott Williams and he said he was a WordPress blogger. When I replied to his comment and posted it, I checked to see if he replied and the site stated that he had cancelled his WordPress account after my reply.

The strange part is there is no comment now on my site that he ever commented. It looks like WordPress is censoring.

Wonder where he went – didn’t mean to scare him out of his pants?


Retrieved his comment:

S.Scott Williams
4 dayssscottwilliams.wordpress.com

Odd article and theory. What is an elite individual? I’m assuming those who make judgements based on facts. I’m on the side of America, which I’m not sure what side our President is on. He is an autocrat who loves the likes of Putin, Kim, Duarte, and Erogin.

(Please explain why you thought it was “odd article and theory?”)

Being a business man, I am not surprised he as such tendencies. In the business world, he makes all the decisions unchecked by anyone else with the company. My observations are backed by his behavior in office as he is frustrated by the system of checks and balances.

(No, Scott, you are wrong – businesses have a lot of traps to catch a crook, i.e., checks and balances.)

What side am I on? Not the Koreans, Russians, Turks, or Phillipines. I find it odd the word cult is used against fellow Americans as if they are the enemy, but at the same time you ignore ALL THESE contacts with Russians. My question to you is as follows; if you can ignore the fact that those you support have finally admitted (they said no initially) that they did have dealt with so MANY Russians, then is it fair to question whose side are you on?

(Goodness, Obama was colluding with Putin on a personal basis – remember the comment – I can do more after the election? I would call that colluding, don’t you?)

Our forefathers saw the free press as a means to check government. Today it is more important than ever. The media does have its flaws, but the media also does inform, it’s up to the individual to decide, with a little research, whether to believe or discount the information. What your side of the aisle is suggesting is dangerous to democracy in general with the “either with us or against us” attitude. If given true power, I believe you would have some us in camps; labeled as the enemy.

(Free press – are you kidding? You mean the lying fake media.)

So once again. What side are you on? I’m on the side of democracy.

(Prez Trump’s side as long as he is trying to put America – the Republic – back on track for the Constitution and the laws that go with it. The Supreme Court has ruled that Obama never followed the Constitution during his eight years. Why isn’t that a crime for starters?)



America First is the side I am on. Question – would you explain the “odd article and theory statement?”

The media and the Obama hold overs that you refer are not truth tellers – they are working with the Democrats to help them continue to tear up the country.

The business world is not left unchecked – there are checks and balances and many more traps that can catch a thief. But when everyone is a thief like in this last administration – everything goes to pot – look at our country.

When I refer to the Elite Repub’s I am referring to the ones who where paid off like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to name a few.

Yes, I am on the side of democracy; but, after eight years of dictatorship and corruption under the Obama administration – I am on the side which can bring our country forward to the Constitution and God – not a lawless country. Did you advance under the last administration?

Surely you can see the debt and how they treated the country; and, now, the investigations with the FBI/DOJ and Dem’s/Elite Repub’s and how they tried to over throw the government?

America should be run like a business. Under the last administration they set the tone for illegality, racial disharmony and he was ill-equipped for the task of leading this country. His qualifications were hidden and covered over. Till this day we have no idea who he was or is. Why doesn’t Obama put his qualifications on the table instead of paying millions of dollars to hide them?

I respect your opinion; but totally disagree.




Posted on June 15, 2018 by kommonsentsjane

A notice to all Americans:


Those people on the right side of the photo of our President have been working to take over the presidency before and after the inauguration and caused Americans a lot of grief for eight years under Obama. It is time to choose freedom or loss of freedom under those people.

As we all now know after the IG REPORT yesterday – big time corruption has occurred in the Democratic Party cult which started at the top with Obama and trickled down through the DOJ/FBI and included the entire main street media who were being paid by GEORGE SOROS in addition to their regular salaries.

We do know that the Elite Repub’s – Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell – were also on this cult side in regards to immigration by overloading the country with illegals who would out vote us.

Therefore in the fall election – we have to TURN OUT THE VOTE to kill this cult and vote people in who support our Constitution.

There are more reports to come to prove my point.






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