There are a number of things the President could do with the help of Congress or alone.

– He could send word south of the border and Central America – our system is broken, we cannot process any more people, and until further notice – the border is closed for immigration.

– He could close the border until they catch up with the people who are currently at the border and not allow any more illegals into the country.

– He could shut the border except at one/two ports of entry for entry and exit.

– Put a moratorium on all immigration from Mexico until they can decide what the exact procedure will be.

If they resort to what Obama was doing which was catch and release – then we will be in that same old “pig’s pen.” We are doing exactly what the Democrat cult wants us to do to over run the country with illegals for voting purposes as in the last election.

We also need to stop all of the welfare that is being given because that is the magnet that is drawing in these people.

Mexico does not give any welfare if you enter that country. It is time to stop this wealth distribution when we are borrowing the money and piling up the debt.

And for heaven’s sake – start the “penny” plan to start paying off the debt.


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