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June 20, 2018

Obama Did The Same Thing That Trump Is Doing To Illegals; Where Was Liberal Media Then?

Robert Massimi.

I have been hearing from the lefties lately about president Trump putting ILLEGAL’s in cages; Obama did the exact same thing, yet the lefties will not talk about it.

Crooked Hilary weighed in,(like people care), even though she no longer matters, her foundation is not getting the big payoffs like it used too, so now she is collecting for the foundation to help the children, yeah sure Hil, like your email server had you hiding your yoga classes, ha!

The phony left wing is beyond contempt, they will do anything to discredit our president. News today shows that Manufactures have a 95% positive outlook going forward, 95%!

Consumer confidence is at an all time high, unemployment at an all time low, so the left wing loons are focused on the cages.

These people are illegal and need to go home, Western Europe is now following Trump’s lead and are beginning to send home illegals as well.

Angela Merkle, who supported the illegals may be ousted as early as next week. People are fighting to take back their countries, people are fed up and Trump has led the way world wide, a true leader, not a flunky like Obama, a man, like Reagan came to the white house with an agenda and is making it happen.

If people need to be caged before they are sent home, so be it. It is a time of crisis, Latin and South America are imploding and the president does not stand resolute, it will be a mass inflow into our country and all hell will break loose with both welfare recipients and gangs.

Nothing good will come from immigration till the America’s get straightened out. Our economy is firing on all cylinders and we cannot afford any disruptions, certainly not by illegal activity.


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