The American people are tired of all of this talk – day in and day out – by the government. It is time to get off the pot and get a Grand Jury and DO SOMETHING. We will not allow you to send this IG REPORT TO THE GRAVEYARD TO BE BURIED.

During the Obama administration, it was like the wild, wild west. From the looks of the whole operation there were no laws. The crimes have now been proven:

The FBI/DOJ under the direction of Obama – Democrats and Hillary Clinton conspired to take over the government. Plain and simple.

The IG Report pulls out all of the stops that were attempted against the Trump campaign and now the Trump administration. Now Horowitz is trying to “water down” his findings.

We have the Constitution and the laws to correct this and the necessary steps that have to be taken to straighten out this corruption. We cannot allow this IG Report to be buried in the graveyard of weak men.

Right now, why is Peter Strzok still on the rolls of the FBI. He should have been put on administrative leave immediately.

The question is – why is it that Barack Obama,James Comey, DOJ-Mueller were allowed to do the unlawful things that happened and are currently happening?

The President is being investigated by a phony investigation – Mueller (started with a fake dossier) and the Congress is the body who is supposed to keep the FBI/DOJ in check have failed. Why – because for eight years they stood by and let these groups fester and be lawless because white people allowed them to be lawless.

Why did all of this happen – because they continue to be afraid of the “race card” which the Democrats use at every turn to get their way? The Obama Democrats continue to do what they do since the slave days – they use the blacks and now the Hispanics and the illegals as victims. In this regard, the nation will continue to be victimized.

It is time to go forward and if you did the crime you do the time. If not, our country’s laws will be taken advantage of and will continue to be “watered down.”

We have to be tough by taking all of this to a grand jury and move on to clean out the swamp. We cannot allow the Democratic Party cult to get by with the committed crimes.


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