Is it true that Robert De Niro was an eighth grade drop out and his first character role in movies was as a “cowardly lion?

We now know why he continually presents himself as a bully. Why – because there is not much between his ears and that is the way bullies operate.

I thought this was an interesting story about De Niro:

While attending a conference on world governance in, of all places, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, actor Robert De Niro chose to call attention to the plight of dropouts in the United States.

Sure, that’s not what he said, but De Niro’s comments made it obvious that not only does he lack a high school diploma, but that he’s never done anything to remedy the deficiency in his education and is ignorant of science, politics, and history.

In a stunning display of what could happen to any youth who gathers great fortune by mouthing other people’s lines and showing his good looks but not actually, at any time, learning anything of consequence, De Niro chose to announce that he was visiting from a backward country.

He did this while speaking in a country where talking to international rights groups can get you arbitrarily imprisoned, where prisoners can be tortured.


•He attained his preliminary education from PS 41, Elisabeth Irwin High School and Little Red School House. His first stint at acting was for a school play, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, wherein he played the character of Cowardly Lion. This debut on stage paved way for his future course of life.

•He enrolled at McBurney School for completing high school studies but later switched to Rhodes Preparatory School. However, he dropped out from both of them and started to pursue a career in acting. He took up acting course at Stella Adler Conservatory and later at Lee Strasberg’s Actors Studio.


Another story of inexperience:

Robert De Niro’s not fooling anyone with relief plea to UN; guess which celeb owns a luxury resort on Barbuda?

Business and Politics
September 20, 2017 | Luis Miguel

Robert De Niro is not a fan of Donald Trump.

The two-time Oscar-winning actor, known for critically-acclaimed films like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas, has repeatedly taken shots at President Trump in an effort to stay in the limelight.

When De Niro caught word that Trump would be delivering a landmark speech at the United Nations Tuesday, he likely couldn’t resist the urge to try to upstage America’s head of state.

So the actor scrambled to set up a meeting at the UN convincing the world’s leaders to send money to the devastated Caribbean island of Barbuda.

De Niro likely hoped people would hear about the meeting and brand him a big-hearted humanitarian. After all, the people of Barbuda were hit hard by the storm, with 90 percent of the island’s building damaged by Irma.

But unluckily for De Niro, the public quickly discovered his true interest in the Barbuda–and it’s far from altruistic.

As it turns out, Barbuda is home to the future Paradise Found Nobu resort. The owner of the luxurious multi-million dollar getaway? Robert De Niro.

De Niro and his business partner James Packer bought the property in 2016. It was formerly the K Club, an exclusive destination frequented by Princess Diana of Wales. The K Club shut down in 2004. The new, updated resort is still under construction, although it isn’t clear how much it was affected by the hurricane.

When he first purchased the resort, the deal was opposed by hundreds of the island’s residents, who protested the actor’s request for additional land. Under Barbudan law, the island’s people own the land. De Niro’s company, Paradise Found, plans to invest $250 million in the resort project.

But those plans came to a screeching halt due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma. Officials says it will take approximately $300 million to restore Barbuda to its pre-storm condition.

De Niro, who has a net worth of $200 million, wants the nations of the world to write Barbuda a check for the repairs? The question is: how much of any restoration money would go to the movie star’s resort?

De Niro, who has said he wants to punch President Trump, was mocked on social media.

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In the end that is the problem with Hollyweed – we have many of them who are high school drop outs and get caught up in this Democrat marxists attitude with nothing between their ears.

Again, Robert De Niro is a stunning display of what could happen to any youth who gathers great fortune by mouthing other people’s lines and showing his good looks but not actually, at any time, learning anything of consequence like De Niro. Those are the kind of people who march behind the banner of the Obama wannabe’s and that is the kind Obama indoctrinates into their cults.


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