Advertisers Yank Their Spots from Samantha Bee’s Foul TBS Show.

It is a shame that all of them do not see the left for what they are – people who have so much venom in their systems that they cannot think straight and rather them work to gather the seeds and grow goodness, light, and peace – they continue to follow the Obama hatred doctrine – and that is why so many on the left are committing suicide because they have run out of rope and end up hanging themselves with what little rope they have left.


Deadline was quick to point out, however, that no companies have released any press statements confirming that they were pulling their ad dollars from “Full Frontal.” This leads some observers to believe that advertisers are simply putting their campaigns on pause in the hopes that the drama will die down and be forgotten. Which is, quite frankly, not a bad bet to make in a news cycle that forgets major transgressions the moment a new shiny object flies across the sky. Of course, it seems the media has much, much shorter memory when it comes to liberal transgressions, but who can be surprised at this point?


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