At least they had the courage to – bleep it.

Robert De Niro’s second song third verse? The F-bomb is “old hat.” Can’t Hollyweed do better than that? I thought they were supposed to be creative people – just the same old movie plots,reruns, and remakes.

My suggestion is (and any leftie can use this as a soothing distraction and bring them back to reality. I am concerned because leftist reality is empty and they are falling out like flies):

When DE NIRO became that angry and tried to whip up the crowd –

HE SHOULD TRY ASKING THE CROWD TO SING – THE NATIONAL ANTHEM – AND THOSE WHO KNEEL – TELL THEM TO THANK GOD FOR AMERICA AND THEIR FREEDOM – while they are on their knees – do you think that is what they are doing and they are ashamed to tell us?


Robert De Niro bleeped at Tony Awards for Trump F-bomb.


De Niro is another leftie who is out of control. Will he pull a Bourdain or Kate on us since they are running out of frustration with the left?


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