KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Trump: USA No Longer World Piggy Bank To Rob – Bilderberg Discuss Trump, other Threats to Globalist Agenda. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Thank you President Trump.

It is time to name who the globablist are since they are enemies of this country. They have been working against the U.S. since Bush I.

It is also time that the politicians give a damn about our own country – the U.S. These liberal politicians have torn up the U.S. to build up foreign countries. We cannot continue trying to save the whole world at the expense of the U.S. We are so far behind in our infrastructure that they should start examining these politicians bank accounts and see what they had coming into office – give them their pay – and retrieve all of that pay-off money they received from the lobbyists and Wall Street.


Reclaim Our Republic

Bilderberg Meets to Discuss Trump and other Threats to Globalist Agenda

June 8, 2018  by  Alex Newman

Bilderberg Meets to Discuss Threats to Globalist Agenda

The annual Bilderberg meeting, taking place in Turin, Italy, this weekend, is bringing together key Deep State actors and potential useful idiots from across North America and Western Europe to discuss surging threats to their own agenda and power. Among the many topics of discussion, the globalist insiders and potential collaborators invited to this year’s meeting will focus on growing populist movements in Europe and what the network described in a press release as the “post-truth” world — presumably a reference to the fact that their propaganda organs are no longer able to control the narrative. But it may be too late to save their globalist agenda.

Like most years, over 130 insiders in business, government, military, foundations, banking, central banking, royalty, academia, technology, journalism, intelligence, and more will attend the…

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