Singapore is absolutely one of the cleanest cities in the world. You could actually eat off the side walk.

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The city itself is so modern, but yet some of the old type mode of transportation was still going – the Trishaw which is a combination of richshaw and tricycle. Robbie is right behind me.

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When we were approaching the landing strip the stewardess inquired over the intercom – if you have any chewing gum with you – you must put it away and DO NOT USE IT DURING YOUR VISIT IN SINGAPORE – it is against the law to chew gum and you will be arrested.

Is Chewing Gum Against the Law in Singapore …

Chewing Gum. One of the most highly talked about laws in Singapore, is the “Chewing Gum Law”. In 1992, after years of vandalism in elevators, mailboxes, and on sidewalks, the government of Singapore decreed all gum illegal to stem the amount of sticky stuff on elevator buttons and on stair railings.

The city is so pristine with foliage and flowers,especially, hybrid orchids.

A must is a tour of the Raffles Hotel – Raffles Hotel.

Feel welcome to their elegant and luxurious hotel where they will make your stay an unforgettable experience (especially your wallet).


This trip started in Tokyo, Japan,with a visit to the Meiji Shrine, a visit to the city of Kamakura, Mt. Komagatake and a ride on their famous bullet train.

Beijing, China – Visited the Imperial Palace and the Summer Palace, and strolled through Tian An Men Square. Then a walk on the Great Wall of China in the village of Badaling, Ming Tombs (underground burial sites for 13 of the Ming emperors).

Then off to Bangkok, Thailand with a visit to WAT ARUN – the Temple of Dawn and then to the Grand Palace.

Next was Singapore with an excursion to Maylaysia and Johore as noted above.

Last stop was Hong Kong with a cable car trip to Victoria Peak and a city tour with a view of the harbor and a shop till you drop.

What a world we live in!


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