KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO POTUS brings America First agenda to G 7 – Globalists merge to fine-tune battle plan against Trump. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Watching the G7 enter for their photo shoot – they all walked in like little children who had been scolded with their heads bent down. They should be ashamed after all the U.S. has done to protect them in the past instead of acting like rotten kids. If it wasn’t for the U.S. – they would be clicking their heels and saluting “Heil Hitler”.


Those countries worked with Obama and helped Obama in trying to hurt our country. They still think Obama is in charge.

It is time to declare war on the GLOBALIST. The main reason for the G7 interest in this group is they thought if Hillary Clinton had been elected – they would continue to ride on the U.S.’s coat tails and continue ripping off the U.S. as they have been since Bush I thru Obama. With all of the foreign aid they had been receiving and Obama taxing us beyond the death tax – Obama was deciding who spent our money. The G7 and the Globalists were riding that Obama blue wave.

That is why they don’t want to be fair with the U.S. The G7 need to take care of themselves especially with the uptick in their welfare state of taking care of all of the Muslims from the Middle East. The PM from Canada is just another liberal hypocrite (dictator).

The Canadian PM looked like an idiot when he walked up to the photo shoot and took this spread eagle legs and tugged at the front of his coat like a cowboy opening his coat as if he had a gun on his hip and stood their holding the front of his coat. It was hilarious.



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