Bernie Sanders Pushing Anti-Worker Socialist Views

June 07, 2018

by American News Update

Socialism originally rose for the benefit of the working masses in Russia a century and half ago. It spread to places in Europe and eventually to the United States. Initially, socialism claimed to be a workers’ political movement and still makes that claim today, but it’s a false claim. Labors unions throughout Asia, Europe and the United States can trace their origins to socialism. They promised workers better pay, better benefits and working conditions.

Early on, socialists and their labor unions did help to improve conditions for millions of workers and the people loved the socialist unions and embraced them. They embraced them to the point of electing them to positions of power, where they learned that the socialists really didn’t care about the workers as much as they cared about power and wealth, leaving the workers earning the bare minimum and becoming what amounts to slaves to the government.

At the same time, the socialist elites not only were the rulers, but they became the wealthy. They had preached a redistribution of wealth (much like Obama and many of today’s Democrats), but the only redistribution they practiced was taking as much of the wealth for themselves while keeping the working people poor and dependent on the government (again sounds like today’s Democrats).

This kind of socialism gave rise to communism, which took control of Russia in 1918 and still controls the nation a century later. Vladimir Putin, although elected to his position, is basically a dictator of Russia. He wields tremendous power and millions fear him. He lives a life of luxury while millions in his country struggle to survive meager paycheck to meager paycheck. This is socialism/communism to the ultimate.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist. He started his political career as a member of the Liberty Union Party, a socialist party, but realized it would better his political aspirations to be an Independent. He only became a Democrat in 2015 when he decided to run for the White House as he knew he would have no chance as an Independent. Once he lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton, Sanders reverted back to being an Independent.

Sanders has often called for a redistribution of wealth. He says it is necessary to help the poor. Obama frequently said the same thing, but Obama doubled his wealth while occupying the White House and there has been no evidence of him redistributing his wealth with the poor, but only striving to amass more wealth for himself.

The past Saturday, Sanders spoke in Anaheim, California where he spoke in support of California passing a higher statewide minimum wage. Like what happened in Russia so long ago, many of the Disney Resort workers and others present at the occasion cheered Sanders and his call for higher wages.

A measure currently before the California legislature calls for the minimum wage to be raised to $15/hr. by 2019 and to increase it by $1/hr every year until it reaches $18/hr by Jan. 1, 2022.

Little do they realize that such a measure will hurt many of them financially, more than it will help. The people listening fail or ignore what took place in Seattle when they raised the minimum wage to $15/hour. The city lost over 5,000 jobs and many people who kept their jobs found that their hours were cut. A year later, it was found that the average worker was taking home an average of $139 a month LESS.

Todd Ament, CEO of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce knows the danger of what Sanders is saying and responded:

“While touting himself as a friend of the working man, Bernie has come all this way to support a measure that will result in thousands of lost jobs for the people of Anaheim.”

Sanders is following in the footsteps of the socialists that won over Russia and other eastern European nations. He doesn’t care about American workers. He only cares about pushing his socialist agenda that leads to a two-class system – the socialist elite and the enslaved working class.

If you examine most of the policies of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and most of today’s Democrats, you will find that this is what they have been striving towards here in the United States. If they manage to regain control of the federal government in this year’s midterm elections or anytime in the future, they will continue the pursuit of making America the world’s next socialist nation.

Time to wash this man out of our hair. Sanders is double trouble because of his religious views. His belief is that if you believe in God – you are a bigot. He is a typical socialist – he lives high on the hog and you live with the pigs.


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