KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO The Dark Art of Political Intimidation – Duterte Tells UN Chief to ‘Go To Hell’. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Would someone give me a hint of something they have done to make themselves look good?

For your information. I have to agree in certain instances with Duterte. The UN is a corrupt organization and hates the U.S. It’s human rights policies are hypocritical and it uses the U.S. as a door mat. During the Obama administration – Obama injected the UN into our country and tried to use them in his quest to take over the country and used the UN in an attempt to take away our guns.

The IRS scheme by Obama/Lerner still needs to be investigated – they hurt a lot of people and cost the people a lot of money.


Reclaim Our Republic

The object of this very real “game” is to make political opponents pay a high price for expressing their opinions. It was a standard technique in the Jim Crow South in the 1950’s. It was used by racist southern Democrats to shut up black civil rights groups like the NAACP. And now these tactics have been revived and improved upon by today’s Democratic Party and their allies on the Progressive Left.


This is the United States of America. You are totally free to express your political views. No one is going to tell you what you can say or how you can say it, right? But what if you thought you’d be audited by the IRS or have your business boycotted or even lose your job? Would you speak freely then?

This isn’t a hypothetical question. It’s happening to…

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