KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Deep State FBI Violated Own Spy Rules – Trump would fight subpoena. Reclaim Our Republic.

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The FBI/DOJ were weaponized by Obama’s mafia. We must part the waves of the good and the bad in both of those groups. We know the the seven floor of the FBI who were the top officials worked with Obama to take over the government of the people and Obama’s mafia group is still working to overtake the government.

They refer to this group as the dark government – they are the mafia. These are people who are holdovers of the Obama mafia and we have to complete this investigation by Rep Nunes and the IG and root these people out and send them to prison for the real obstruction of justice and sedition.


Reclaim Our Republic

FBI’s Violation of Rules in Spying on Trump Campaign Further Exposes Deep State

June 1, 2018 by  C. Mitchell Shaw

FBI's Violation of Rules in Spying on Trump Campaign Further Exposes Deep State

In its zeal to embed a spy into the Trump campaign in 2016, the FBI not only likely broke laws, but also certainly violated its own rules. FBI guidelines — found in the bureau’s nearly 700-page Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide — restrict the use and deployment of informants in spying on American citizens.

With the FBI and DOJ having already demonstrated such disregard for both the law and the basic rules of investigation, this new report only adds to the body of evidence that Deep State operatives in those agencies are hell-bent on getting President Trump at any price.

For instance, besides planting Cambridge professor Stefan Halper — who has a history as a spy for political purposes — as a spy in the Trump campaign, Deep State operatives within…

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