It looks like the entire FBI need to attend a session on self-discipline, “behaving in public.” They still think Obama is in office. This officer needs to be made an example and FIRED.


The Daily Caller
Off-Duty FBI Agent Loses Gun While Pulling Off Backflip At Denver Bar, Picks It Up, Shoots Patron

By: Will Racke

June 4, 2018

Dancing off-duty FBI agent accidentally shoots patron at nightclub


An off-duty FBI agent allegedly discharged his firearm in a crowded Denver bar early Saturday, shortly after losing the weapon while crushing a solo routine on the dance floor.

Eyewitness video of the incident — obtained by local ABC affiliate Denver7 — shows a man alleged to be an FBI agent busting out a series of slick freestyle dance moves inside a circle of cheering bar patrons at Mile High Spirits in central Denver.

For a finale, the man crouches into a squat and launches into an awkward backflip, rotating about 180 degrees before landing on his hands and slamming his feet on to the floor. The force of his acrobatics jars loose the pistol tucked into his pants at the small of his back, and it tumbles harmlessly to the floor.

That’s when things go downhill in the blink of an eye.

Upon seeing his weapon hitting the floor, the man quickly lunges forward to retrieve it. As he grips the pistol, he apparently squeezes the trigger and fires a round into the crowd, striking a bar patron in the leg.

“When the agent retrieved his handgun, an unintended discharge occurred,” Denver police said in a statement, according to the Denver Post.

Responding officers took the agent to police headquarters, where he was released to an FBI supervisor, the Denver Post reported. The incident is being investigated by the the police department’s homicide unit, and the Denver district attorney’s office will determine charges.

The agent is not being named because he has not yet been charged with a crime, police said. The man who was shot was taken to a local hospital and was in good condition as of Saturday afternoon, according to Denver Police spokeswoman Marika Putnam.

“He appears to have non-life threatening injuries,” she said, according to the Denver Post.

It was not immediately clear if the FBI agent had been drinking before the shooting. Federal agents are prohibited from consuming alcohol while carrying their primary or backup weapons.

This calls for discipline.


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