By: Bob Unruh


Alabama sues to stop illegals from reshaping Congress as illegal aliens continue to flood into the country.

As illegal aliens continue to flood into America, the populations of states are changing, and so is representation in Congress.

Now, one gutsy state is taking legal action to stop the insanity …

Counting people who are in the country illegally violates the Administrative Procedures Act, the Constitution, the 14th Amendment and more, it claims.

“The residence rule is premised on an internally inconsistent and unreasoned reading of the Census Clause and governing statutes. The residence rule allocates persons deployed outside the United States on Census Day to the states where they have their usual stateside residence even though they are not physically present in a state on census day and do not currently reside in the United States.

“This demonstrates that it is a legal connection to a state that determines whether a person should be allocated to a state for apportionment purposes in defendants’ view, not their physical presence in the state or where they currently usually live and sleep. But this allocative criterion is inconsistent with defendants’ decision to allocate illegal aliens to the states where they make their factula residence even though they have no legal entitlement to reside in that state.”

Further, it “creates perverse incentives for state to contravene the enforcement of federal immigration law in order to augment their share of political power and federal funding at the expense of states that cooperate with federal authorities to enforce the immigration laws.”

The complaint contends, “Including illegal aliens in the apportionment base will deprive Alabama and its citizens of their rightful share of political power in both Congress and the Electoral College while unconstitutionally augmenting the political power of states with high numbers of illegal aliens.”


We must protect our states because the sanctuary governors are not following the Constitution. The officials must be arrested and jailed for breaking the allowing by hiding the illegals.

War has been declared on our country, our livelihood, and our Constitution by this deliberate invasion caused by Obama and his muslim/communist Democrats.


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