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Yes, age does make a difference. In the manufacturing world – mandatory retirement is 75. So, why can’t we close their circus and make 75 mandatory for government. In addition, have a two-term limitation because after that the lobbyists are hanging on their coat tails.

In government – for the amount of time Pelosi and Feinstein have been clicking their heels in the halls of Congress – they have more than their coffers full of cash and need to hail freight. In fact, they have over-stayed their welcome to the point they are boring and so have many others – to the point they are not effective.


The Lone Cactus

We’ve all heard that 80 is the new 60, right? I mean, nobody wants to criticize people for being “too old” to do something. In fact, in employment situations anymore, you can’t. It’s illegal and will get an ageism suit brought against you faster than you can say Methuselah.

But it does raise a question when it comes to our elected officials. When is “old” too old to serve?

Nancy Pelosi got asked that question at a town hall meeting the other day. She took it personally. She should. Nancy has long been rumored to have some severe mental issues dealing basically with dementia. She stammers, stutters, mis-uses words, stares blankly into the audience, and at times just seems out of it. And at the ripe old age of 78, is going to be running for reelection this year in San Francisco. She’s not alone.

While the California Democrat party…

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