Looks like the the pot (Chelsea) is calling the kettle (Prez) black – a person who is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another.

Chelsea Clinton Sued for $150,000 for Allegedly Stealing.“Crazy Chelsea” is Being Sued for $150,000 for Plagiarising “Her” New Book!

Jul 15, 2017 · A book author has filed a lawsuit against Chelsea Clinton for allegedly stealing his idea to write her feminist children’s book “She Persisted.”


Chelsea Clinton: Trump degrades what it means to be an American

Jacqueline Thomsen

Chelsea Clinton with collar shirt© Provided by The Hill Former President Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, slammed President Trump in a new interview, saying that his actions “degrade what it means to be an American.”

Clinton told The Guardian that she used to ignore “meanness” on platforms like social media, but she now frequently calls it out.

“Now I’ve come to feel differently, because I think that the way that our president and many people around him have not only mainstreamed hate, but mainlined it, is so deeply dangerous,” she said, before citing reports of children using Trump’s words to bully other children.

Clinton added that people used to focus on tolerance instead of standing up against instances of hatred, like casual misogyny.

“We have freedom of speech, which I do think is hugely important – and yet people thought you couldn’t dispute hateful things, because they’re like – well, it’s freedom of speech. Well, freedom of speech doesn’t mean there is freedom of consequences,” Clinton said.

“Sure, you should not be in prison because you said something racist,” she added. “But you also shouldn’t be able to run for president. And yet here we are.”

Clinton also called for British people to protest when Trump visits the country in July, saying she would do so “because I don’t agree with what he’s doing to degrade what it means to be an American.”

And she said that the U.S. has to find a way to return to decency.

“I think we will still then have work to do on repairing the tone in our country, the exposure of the real racist and sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic feeling which is on the rise in our country – a rot that has been exposed,” Clinton said.

She is currently promoting her new children’s book, “She Persisted Around The World.”

Clinton has used social media to speak out(plagiarizing)against bullying.


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