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Memorial Day Flashback: Obama’s 5 Most Pathetic Military FAILS

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Barack_Obama AND Joe Biden on White House putting green 4-24-09 – Memorial Day.

As you celebrate the sacrifice of those in uniform this Memorial Day, you should give those in uniform the respect they are due. Unlike Barack Obama. He just never really gave off a very respectful vibe toward the military, and at his best, the interactions were just plain awkward. We will also be celebrating that Barack Obama no longer resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by looking back at his most pathetic military fails.

It took some doing, but we dug out the 5 best-uniformed fails of the Obama years. You should share this with every friend to celebrate, and especially with liberals to show them what they are missing, and we are not. We threw in a surprise video at the end that makes our point better than we could make it ourselves.

1.) Well, That Was Awkward

It’s as if Obama and the military never quite gelled. It might have something to do with his campaign posture that the military needs to be scaled back and that he didn’t support their mission. Or it could be because they saw through him in ways that Democrats aren’t capable of doing. You know Obama had to get a chilly reception from the Marines for CNN to even say something.

2.) Latte Salute

Hmm, it looks like Obama can’t even be bothered to put down his latte long enough to salute a Marine. The Marine is probably lucky he wasn’t the one fetching that latte, as Obama had a nasty habit of treating those in uniform as if they were wait-staff.

3.) Doorman for Hire

Old-timers in the Navy called Marines “sea-going bellhops.” Barack Obama took it a step farther and made them doormen, who hold umbrellas like he’s a frail woman hailing a cab. It’s ironic that our supposedly virile, young president needed Marines to carry the umbrella for him. True man of the people!

4.) Corpsman

Isn’t it funny how someone attends the best schools (Occidental, Columbia, AND Harvard), and even lectured at a law school can’t say “corpsman.” It might be that he spent so much time in school learning other things that this wasn’t a word that he ever learned. No matter how you slice it, he’s too smart to make that goof. Then again, he also said there were 57 states, a mistake that no Republican would never live down.

5.) “I See Dead People”

Obama’s six sense was in an epic fail mode the day he confused Memorial Day, meant for the fallen, with Veterans Day, intended for surviving heroes. Still, seeing dead people is a pretty cool skill to have for anyone, but especially for the president. And they give Biden a hard time!

BONUS: Trump Shows Us How It’s Done

President Trump has a healthy ego, but not where the military is concerned. He shows more respect to the uniform than his predecessor, who acted as a British monarch does around the Queen’s Guard outside of Buckingham Palace. We’d rather have a president that disrespects the swamp and respects the uniform, than the other way around. President Trump is an upgrade.


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