Added “Democrat” in the heading to make it read the truth.

Democrat Schiff is one bad dude. He has been slimming here and slimming there knowing that his party has left him and is on the road of socialism and Islam. But, using Alinsky tactics – over the river and through the woods, he continues to ramble on like he has any “God given sense.”

Because of their eight years of crimes – he can’t turn back now cause the law of average is on his tail.

Now, just read what he tells us – which is a falsehood from top to bottom.


The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee on Sunday called on voters to “throw the bums out” of Congress whom he has accused of trying to help President Trump undermine the special counsel’s Russia probe.

“The only thing that makes this possible is a Congress that is complicit,” Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) said on ABC News’s “This Week,” naming several conservative leaders in the Republican Party and accusing “a weak” Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) of refusing to “stand up for the independence of the Justice Department.”

“As long as there’s a majority in Congress that is willing to do this president’s will and as long as we have a deeply unethical president, there’s only one remedy,” Schiff said.


One thing sure, Democrat Schiff is one helluva LIAR.


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