KOMMONSENTSJANE – Mueller Fights To Delay Russian Collusion Trial. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Mueller wants to delay the trial because he will look like an idiot if the Russians testify. He is wanting to delay because if the Dem’s come in – all of this will disappear.

Democrats and Robert Mueller are making this country a laughing stock of the world by continuing with this fake Russia interfering with the 2016 elections and now these same people are talking about the 2018 mid-term and Russia interference.

They are beginning to act and look like lunatics. We need to bring in some psychiatrists and have these people examined. They make statements and they do not make any sense. And to think these people are involved in making decisions about our country. Where are the adults in the room?


Reclaim Our Republic

There is an old joke among criminal defense attorneys that “justice delayed is justice,’ a twist of the old adage that “justice delayed is justice denied.”  The joke reflects that fact that the defense almost always benefits from the passage of time and it is the prosecution that often pushes for earlier trial debates to deny the defense enough time to absorb and address evidence. That is not the case with Special Counsel Robert Mueller who has asked federalJudge Dabney L. Friedrich to deny a speedy trial motion and delay any trial of 13 Russians and three Russian companies for efforts to influence the 2016 election. The effort reflects problems in Mueller’s matinee case, including the allegation that he has charged a company that did not exist at the time of the alleged offenses.

Mueller previously tried to delay the trial despite the demand of Concord Management and Consulting…

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