We are failing our children in America by:

– Not following the Constitution and its laws.
– Allowing open borders and allowing sanctuary cities which is against the vows of all officials and makes them criminals. Punishment must follow.

– Not electing past Presidents, House, Senate, and the Supreme Court who are truly conservatives.
– Not insisting that immigrants are taught how to be patriots in America.

– Not fighting Obama and his socialists, plus not calling out the House and Senate during the slow degradation of our government.
– Allowing the teachers union to bring our schools into a socialist mind set without any conservative balance.

– Allowing our past presidents to reduce, slowly, our government to a level of poverty by taxing our businesses to such a high extent they vacated the country and left the middle class without jobs. This was a purposeful event.
– Allowing one president, Obama,without a shot being fired, to take our debt to such a level never seen by any one president while Congress’ Paul Ryan stood by and gave him a blank check.

– Allowing Obama to remove our religious freedom, freedom of speech and search and seizure. And, only recently have these been returned to a degree to the people. More work has to be done.
– Allowing our elected officials who stepped back and allowed Obama’s government to strip Christianity from our midst and inject Islam into our schools/colleges, cities, military, and businesses.

– Allowing Obama/Hillary Clinton to use our FBI/DOJ to spy on candidates and use the intelligence against the American people. Conservatives were jailed with made up false statements or huge fines were paid while the Dem’s did not pay their taxes and Obama government officials wasted taxpayer money with lavish vacation spending, including Obama.
– Allowing the Dem’s even now to lie and work against the President and not perform their job.

– Allowing the fake news media who are communists to continue their work against the American people.

The American people have to vote these Democrat Socialist Muslims out of office so that America can be “that beacon of light on the hill” and not a Schumer/Pelosi/Elite Repub sewage dump which was attempted by the Dem’/Elite Repub’s.

We must save our children from the Dem’s and Planned Parenthood killing field. These people have to be punished for murdering our future work force.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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