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The reason our country is in such a mella of a hess is because since Bush I/II, Clinton, and Obama – as Globalists – the mentality has been is to rape and then pilfer Lady Liberty while the House, Senate, and the Supreme Court have been sitting by and knowing what was happening and allowing this to happen. Not until the Freedom Caucus came into being – the savior – has any attempt been made to stop these traitors who want to change America into a third world country.

This present attempt by the Obama admin Democrat Muslim/Communists with the FBI and DOJ who are attempting to take over the country after having lost the Hillary election – will have to be made an example of and brought to justice – even if the American people have to step in. It is time for McConnell and Ryan to be removed from office since they are part of the coup.

When AG Sessions stated he would not do any harm to former Secretary of State Clinton because she is a citizen is a bunch of malarkey. It told the American people what side this traitor stood and it is not the American people’s side. Obama and Clinton have committed crimes and stole money from the government with many other crimes included. It is time for justice to be served to set an example for any future crimes which anyone tries to attempt.

The American people will not let any of this be swept under the rug. Enough is enough!


Fellowship of the Minds

By Kelleigh Nelson, reblogged from News With Views:

President Trump was mocked for claims he made that the Obama regime and their weaponized intelligence agency assets had wire-tapped his communications and Trump

Tower. Evidence has since proven that his claim was, in fact, a true statement.  The slow-walking of documents and general obstruction by the agencies involved, the DOJ under AG Jeff Sessions, and the FBI under Wray, has left America largely uninformed as to the level of corruption and anti-American activities of the illegitimate Obama regime.

On Laura Ingraham’s May 15th show, former US attorney Joe diGenova stated that there was absolutely no legitimate basis for a counterintelligence investigation, let alone a criminal investigation.  He explained that John Brennan was at the head of the group of people who were going to create a counterintelligence investigation against Trump by creating false information they would feed through Carter…

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