KOMMONSENTSJANE – Lenient drug use policies and lax enforcement in the Pacific Northwest are endangering children. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Most people will say – it doesn’t effect me. I don’t want to get involved and just sweep it under the rug. We have become to complacent with our duty as citizens.

Our colleges and schools are being run by socialist people who want to ruin our children’s minds. Until we rumble about it – nothing will be done. They started out with Clinton wanted to give condoms to our school children and teach them how to use them. Next, it was modern math where two and two could be anything. That set our kids behind for some time.

And, now, they have graduated to marijuana and wanting to take away our guns and still no repercussion.

So folks, what is it going to be? Haven’t we had enough. What we can do is vote and put them out of business, tell the states to stop giving these colleges tax money and make them live off their donors. No one will miss them because they are not teaching anything but mind control about hate. If your child wants to attend college – check out the college before you turn your child over to them.

Don’t know what’s wrong with these people but they are endangering the children plus themselves in the road they are traveling.

So isn’t that what you call being complacent?


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