KOMMONSENTSJANE – Seattle mayor fast tracks backyard cottages to address Seattle’s affordable housing crisis. Fellowship of the Minds.

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What are these officials drinking – mind-altering drugs? Glad they live on the edge of the ocean because that is the way they make decisions – always making decisions which aren’t common sense decisions. They should have checked this life style by reading what happened in Europe when they brought people into their homes – it was a disaster. It was all about how much money they ere going to get from the government for housing these people. It is called greed.

Trust – but verify.

Good information can be found on, “Gatestone Institute.”


Fellowship of the Minds

backyard cottages Seattle’s Fair Chance Housing: Build a small city for criminals in your backyard!

Keep in mind that Seattle’s “Fair Chance Housing” Ordinance went into effect on 2/19/18, meaning a landlord cannot unfairly deny applicants housing based on criminal history. It also prohibits the use of advertising language that automatically or categorically excludes people with arrest records, conviction records, or criminal history. (I wrote about this on 8/10/17.)

With that in mind, who wouldn’t want to invest $300,000+ of their own hard-earned money to house a convicted criminal in their backyard?

From MyNorthwest.com: After years of studies and discussion, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is streamlining the process to build backyard cottages. The mayor’s office hopes it will incentivize homeowners to build the units while creating more affordable housing in the city.

“Seattle faces an affordability and housing crisis, and we are taking urgent action to…

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