KOMMONSENTSJANE – Sanctuary California: Two previously deported rapists re-arrested in California. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Nothing new here – just same old Obama practices. Sessions is just the same old lily-livered Elite Repub politician (RINO)- in bed with the Dem’s. That is the problem with America. A vote for an Elite Repub or a Democrat is a vote for the Democratic Muslim/Socialist Party. Check but verify when you vote that you are voting for a real conservative Republican.

When Sessions was put in office – the Elites lied to the Prez – and Sessions lied to the Prez. In my eyes, it was all a set up by the Elites/Dem’s to put us in this situation since Hillary lost – limit the Prez until the next election. The Dem’s didn’t do this by themselves – Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are just as guilty.

That is why McConnell and Ryan are not trying to do anything to plug up the loop holes in the immigration policy. The Border Patrol keep asking them to do this so that it will make their job easier to perform and more clear.

Democrats Brown and Becerra are aiding and abetting criminals – until that is recognized – this will continue. Abort and take out the old and bring in the criminals.

Until the ‘REAL” government uses the laws on the books of the Constitution and marks the governor – Brown – and the AG as law breakers (working outside the law) and quit playing “patty cake” with them – we will continue see-sawing and they will continue this revolving door with these illegals.

If the AG in the U.S. – Sessions – would put his foot down – it could end all of this lawlessness that has been going on since the beginning of Obama and his lawlessness. But, Sessions, is not working for the American people – he is working for One world order and open borders. Sessions cannot work for two masters – the globalists and the American taxpayers.

Again, Brown and Becerra are aiding and abetting criminals – until that is recognized – this will continue.


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