KOMMONSENTSJANE – Congress Didn’t Defund PP – Trump to resurrect ban on abortion counseling at federally-funded clinics. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Congress has fully funded the “killing fields” because they want to kill Americans and cause a labor shortage in future years. Then they will just continue to let more illegals enter the country to change the make-up of the country. If Congress continues paying for killing babies we won’t have many Americans left. Last count Congress let PP kill over 300,000 in one year. Just think 300,000 America lives just snuffed out because a person was too lazy to take the pill and ended up being pregnant and to have the baby was too inconvenient and besides they don’t want what they call “the brat.”

Remember Congress – crime doesn’t pay. All of you will have to pay for allowing these babies to be killed, butchered and their body parts sold for profit. God doesn’t forget.



Reclaim Our Republic

Congress Didn’t Defund Planned Parenthood…Trump CAN


Back home for Easter weekend, I’m hearing from plenty of Members of Congress. Their constituents weren’t happy with the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill to begin with, but they’re irate that Congress co-signed another massive check to America’s largest abortion business.

The refrains on social media are all the same: Republicans control the Hill and the White House. Why aren’t they defunding Planned Parenthood? By now, the entire country has seen the ghoulish videos; they’ve heard the criminal evidence; they know these centers are destroying an innocent life every 98 seconds. They’re right to be upset. I am too. But we also need to remember the limits of the process. If pro-lifers want to do what a 51-member majority in the Senate can’t, it’s time to start thinking creatively.

First, Congressional Budgeting 101. Planned Parenthood…

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