If any voter votes for a Democrat Muslim/Socialist – all the Democrats have to offer is:


With an IQ of an idiot as has been shown during the Obama administration and the direction they took America was very evident.


Just think what the Democrats tried to pull – an attempt to OVER THROW THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES? What I am waiting to see is – where were all of the Republican House and Senate during this time. We still need to know their – WHY they didn’t stand up for the people? I didn’t see them making any attempt to let the American people know what was going on? In fact, Speaker Ryan gave Obama a BLANK CHECK – CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Still to this day, Ryan is working for the Democrats/Obama’s dark government and against our duly elected President and the people?

The House should boot him out now and not wait until he can do even more damage to the country by letting all of these illegals get amnesty.

As we have witnessed with Pelosi/Schumer they deem MS-13 and terrorists as good people. Look what Obama and the two of them did to our country – so how can we trust these two who are the leaders of the Dem’s:


Anyone voting for a Democrat Muslim/Socialist better think long and hard. If you want freedom in this country – they are not your calling.

Always remember – freedom is not free. Show me one country in the world who is a socialist country and I will show you a dictator without your freedom. That even happened in this country during the last eight years with Obama – no jobs, high taxes, and spying on the country. That was a good lesson for us because it only showed us what ONE EVIL PERSON can do when you have sniveling idiots working with him.



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