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Reclaim Our Republic

FBI Corruption

From the Strzok/Page texts: ‘The White House is running this’

May 16, 2018 By Dan Calabrese

From the Strzok/Page texts: ‘The White House is running this’It’s been my contention for some time that the FBI’s 2016 involvement in both the Hillary e-mail investigation and the Trump/Russia investigation were essentially political operations directed by the Obama White House. I’ve argued that this represents a scandal worse than Watergate because we’re basically talking about the Obama Administration abusing federal law enforcement to achieve the same goals as the Watergate burglars sought by bugging the Democratic National Committee headquarters back in 1972.

Nixon’s people used two-bit criminals. Obama used the FBI. Obama’s offense is worse because he took what is supposed to be a non-political agency dedicated to the law and used it as a tool to let one candidate get away with a felony, while wiretapping and infiltrating the other under the thinly veiled guise of a legitimate criminal…

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