KOMMONSENTSJANE – Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The NRA is “just shy of a terrorist organization”. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The NRA is “just shy of a terrorist organization.”

And to tell you just how shy she – is – they are on just shy on her tail for aiding and abetting the terrorists who she hired without any vetting in that office and then they made off with a lot of cash and equipment from her and all of her Democrat associates and high-tailed with classified files from her office back to Pakistan and one is still in jail waiting for the shoe to drop.

So I wouldn’t be pointing any fingers – because if you look in the mirror those fingers will be pointing back at you, SISTER. Nothing, I dislike more than a hypocrite.

Again, what kind of relationship did Debbie have with the Pakistani guy who worked in her office and stole all of the governments stuff and even stole cash?

Again, she aided and abetted the terrorists. Looks like Ms Debbie is the pot calling the kettle black as the old saying goes – and don’t go calling me a racist caused I used the word “black.”

Debbie was in bed with these Obama czars people who were the Muslim Brotherhood. This is unbelievable that we had these people embedded in our government while the FBI and DOJ were dilly-dallying around spying on every body and their uncle for OBAMA and weren’t taking care of the real terrorists right under their noses.

Where does this investigation stand on her office and these terrorists.


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