You don’t have to be great to start; but, you have to start to be great.

A rich man who came to the aid of America when the needs were the greatest.

Who is that man that the left is trying to destroy?

A man who set aside his riches and donates to charity his monthly salary.
Who among all of you people working in Washington or live in the suburbs of America would do the same thing?

Yet, some of these very same people are, daily, trying to destroy the country and that man and his family at the same time.

Why would anyone want this country to be a socialist country where “FREEDOM” would be its worst enemy? Surely, you whipper snappers are smart enough to know that freedom is not free and is still your best friend. When you allow these Marxists in the halls of education where you started out with a brain of Dad/Mom intelligence and after fours years all you gained was a diploma of “HATE” – surely, Mom/Dad intelligence would sort out the difference?

Mom and Dad taught you early on what evil was and if you don’t recognize Obama and the Democrats as evil in this country – then you need to go back for basic training of life’s lessons.

All of us are worried about the direction of the country because Obama and the foreigners of the Constitution – Democrats/Elite Republicans – have filled this country with people who hate America and what it stands for and now is your chance to help President Trump take it back from years of abuse by our leaders. Are you willing to take a chance on President Trump – because if you don’t then we are lost as a country?

President Trump has invested a lot in our country by giving up his salary and his “good life” to bring our country back from the brink of despair. Now are you willing to save “our freedom” and help him? All of you know what we went through for eight years under the dictator Obama. All of these people who say how bad America is – are the same people who worked with Obama to destroy it with LIE AFTER LIE.

So quit your “sniveling” and help us improve our country and you don’t have to get off the phone or couch to do that – it is your attitude and your vote that counts.


About kommonsentsjane

Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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