KOMMOSENTSJANE – CA Judges Quietly Remove All 2nd Amendment Rights – FBI Releases Pro-2nd Amendment Statement. Reclaim Our Republic.

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As usual, the judges are not following the Constitution. They are making law. The people of CA should call this judges hand for abusing the Constitution.


Reclaim Our Republic

CA Judges Quietly Remove All Second Amendment Rights

This week, in two separate rulings, these judges have declared that the right to self-defense does not exist and is not what the Heller decision outlined.

May 11, 2018

California is easily the most anti-Second Amendment state in the nation, according to groups that push for gun control. The state is basically a testing ground for leftist policies on firearms.

Citizens living in California who thought they couldn’t see their rights restricted any further learned differently this week, due to the outcome of two cases against the state. California courts twisted the intent of the Second Amendment and Supreme Court rulings, silently restricting the right to self-defense. However, there was nearly zero coverage of it in the media. Almost like the media was hoping to hide the intent of ‘sensible’ gun control laws.

These cases, which concerned semi-automatic rifles and the 

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