KOMMONSENTSJANE – Reporter exposes Molenbeek, Belgium mayor’s indifference to Muslim terrorists Fellowship of the Minds.

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This isn’t any different than when Hitler was the menace in Europe. The politicians in Europe would run into their fox holes and let someone else fight their fight. They are as scared of the muslims as they were of the germans. They are trying to appease the muslims by giving into them. It is easy to tell the citizens’ families – sorry for your loss – when their family member is killed and then go pat the muslims on the back.

Sorry for your loss words are not good enough – it is time for actions to help this world issue. Obama, Hollande, Cameron, and Merkel got us into this world mess with the three of them kissing up to Obama. Now fix the mess you put us in – mams and sirs – by shaping them up or shipping them back to where they came from.

This is what happens when you put a woman in charge (mayor of Molenbeek) because a woman has nurturing instincts. She will put off making a decision in hopes tomorrow things will be better. You have to have a tough woman with good common sense and that doesn’t happen often.

Because Europe is not doing anything – it is making the whole world more dangerous.


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