Auntie Maxine Waters was on a tear again. Having supervised women I recognize a hormone shut down when I see it. All of you men in the government have to walk on egg shells during this time because you never know what will come out of it. During this time, you might have rage or even tears.

Suggestion to Auntie Maxine – time to see your doctor for a new hormone patch.

As we have seen in the past with Auntie Maxine – these outbursts are happening more frequently. Is she going through “the change of life?”

She might want to visit her mentor – Farrakhan. Maybe he can calm her down.

From her raging – I get the idea she doesn’t like President Trump and to make America First and Great Again. Was she the person who told Obama – Call Marshall law and JUST TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY AND BE A DICTATOR?

Stupid is as stupid does!


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