KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO South Africa’s Turn to Communism Exposed in U.S. by Watchdog Group AfriForum. Reclaim Our Republic.

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It is so sad that the people of the world fall for this communism fake news. They think these communists are going to take care of them for life; but, it is just the opposite – they only become slaves to the communist system.

A good example when we were in Russia in the early morning hours they had grandmothers (old, old people) out sweeping the streets with brooms made out of willow branches to make more money than the government allocates them because it is such a small amount and not enough to live on.

Why doesn’t a prominent black person stand up for these people who are only digging a deeper hole to slavery.


Reclaim Our Republic

May 10, 2018  by  Alex Newman

South Africa’s Turn to Communism Exposed in U.S. by AfriForum

DALLAS, Texas — On a recent trip to the United States, leaders of AfriForum, Africa’s largest civil-rights organization, exposed the South African government’s growing extremism, including official plans to steal land from European-descent farmers as well as escalating calls for violence and murder against minority communities. Indeed, violence, especially against farmers, is already off the charts.

In an interview with The New American magazine in Dallas, one stop on the trip to America that also included a stay in Washington, D.C., AfriForum Deputy CEO Ernst Roets (shown) explained how serious the situation was getting. Among the key concerns he expressed were the so-called “farm murders” in which innocent families — falsely accused by government of “stealing” the land — are mercilessly tortured and murdered. Thousands have been slaughtered, including babies. Meanwhile, political leaders openly sing songs advocating genocide.

Another top worry…

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