KOMMONSENTSJANE – The bankrupt nature of the taqiyya-whitewash-industry. Reclaim Our Republic.

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For your information. A continuation of Obama’s prosthelytizing in this country and around the world. They somehow think their religion is the one and only. France, Great Britain, and Germany fell for Obama’s witch hazel ragging and are now left holding the bag as he lives in his stolen riches.


Reclaim Our Republic

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Attempts to whitewash the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya are becoming redundantly desperate. 

Consider BuzzFeed’s recent, “‘Taqiyya’: How An Obscure Islamic Concept Became An Obsession Of Anti-Muslim Activists.”  It offers the same claims and defenses that have been repeatedly discredited.

After quoting  Ezra Levant, founder of The Rebel Media, saying that taqiyya “means deliberate deception of infidels, to promote an Islamic goal,” BuzzFeed proceeds: “Levant was referencing a false interpretation of an obscure Islamic doctrine that has become a bedrock belief among anti-Muslim writers and activists, alt-right trolls, and even by current Trump cabinet member and former presidential candidate Ben Carson.”

Next comes the ad nauseam defense:

Mohammad Fadel, an expert on Islamic law at the University of Toronto, described taqiyya (and its many alternative spellings) as “a…

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