KOMMONSENTSJANE – Michelle Obama still questioning why women voted for President Trump in 2016. Fellowship of the Minds.

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How could this woman say even one word after she and her husband raped the U.S. and left it in the condition it is in when President Trump came in office – and she is still extolling their practices.

Why isn’t Obama’s wife talking about the thousands of black children killed in abortions annually by the progressive left or the many, many young blacks murdered routinely on inner-city streets by other young blacks or the criminal state of education of black inner-city children which is orchestrated by the progressive left NEA and which is to produce unintelligent pawns to feed their cause.

So many things Obama’s wife could have been covering instead of preaching hate about our President Trump who is trying to help all Americans.

The answer to Michelle Obama and why women voted for President Trump in 2016 is they realized Obama and she lied to the American people and all of us have realized that Michelle doesn’t want the black people or any American to forge their own future – they want to control the keys to the car, limit their income, and she and the progressives want to decide who gets to spend our hard-earned money.

Wake up America – give your hard-earned money a good life – not one that Michelle and her corrupted progressive party want you to have. Any vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for Muslim/Communists (Progressives). They call it progressive to lighten the impact of what they are trying to do to America. They want your mind and your money.


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