Brands and social media will work differently in the future
by American News Update

It used to be true that to sell a consumer product like a dress or a man’s jacket you had to answer three questions:

Does it fit?
Does it look great?
Is it priced right?

Those questions are still very important but now they’re only part of what you need to address. What younger consumers want now are values. Things like authenticity, environmental friendliness, fair wages for all workers, artisanal products, local production, ethical behavior and transparency are all important now.

These values are not as easily transmitted to consumers as the first three in the bullets above. The way companies communicate their values is by creating content and that content is conveyed via social media.

Almost all consumers who use social media follow at least one brand.

Content has become a critical component of a brand’s presentation and value. Brands that create great, relevant, convincing, authentic content get their followers to buy their products and it’s a great way to stay in front of consumers and build repeat customers.

If you create an image, you usually own the rights to that image. If the image generates income, it’s usually the creator who benefits from that income.

That is mostly not true on social media. While there are some people who make money from their social media, influencers for example, most of the money is made by the social media company itself.

If you post an image on Facebook, you probably won’t make money from it but Facebook can. The more people you get to look at that image, the more money Facebook can make and the same is true for other big social media like Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube, Pinterest and virtually all others.


I do not like to shop on the internet for clothes or shoes. I have not had any luck for it fitting. Up to now, I have returned every item – so I go to a store for clothes or shoes. My favorite fabric is cotton/polyester because you can fold it for travel and it is ready to wear. One fabric I do not buy is rayon because of its wrinkling factor.

I don’t like fads – I like simple conservative clothes where I can either dress them up or down – depending on what the occasion is.

I love sales. It does not hurt my feelings when I enter a store – I always ask if they have any sale racks. If so – that is the direction I head. It is always important to know brand names and the brand that fits your body. Trying anything on is important because clothes/shoes are manufactured all over the world. You can’t assume anything is going to fit whether it is life or attire; because – if you ASS-U-ME – it will make an “A$$ OUT OF YOU AND ME” every time.


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