It is hard to believe that the Republican Party allows the other party to abuse the laws of this country because they don’t have the spine to stand up to them. Having traveled a lot throughout the world and experienced how you enter and leave a country and the order in which this process was handled – it is certainly disappointing that the U.S. has such a soft entry process with so any loopholes.

To give an example – when we visited Russia – entering out of Finland, we were stopped three times with a soldier entering the bus and checking our passports. The last time we were stopped we had to exit the bus and enter a building and one by one we were asked questions about our purpose of visiting. It was very well coordinated and none of the people were rowdy as shown on TV with this caravan.

The Republican Party has to stop this messing around and quit belly- aching about the loopholes. You all know what needs to be done to correct these loopholes – correct the problems instead of just talking about what needs to be done.


U.S. Files Charges Against 11 ‘Caravan’ Members

May 1, 2018 Joshua Paladino

SESSIONS: ‘When respect for the rule of law diminishes, so too does our ability to protect our great nation, its borders, and its citizens…’

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) A large group of Central American immigrants known as the “caravan” crossed the U.S. border this week, and the Department of Justice filed criminal illegal entry charges against 11 of them, The Hill reported.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to prosecute the group, who claimed to seek political asylum in America, after President Donald Trump called their illegal entry a “disgrace.”

Despite the Democrat inspired laws on Sanctuary Cities and the Border being so bad and one sided, I have instructed the Secretary of Homeland Security not to let these large Caravans of people into our Country.

It is a disgrace. We are the only Country in the World so naive! WALL
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 23, 2018

Trump ordered the Department of Homeland Security to prevent the caravan from entering the United States, and he sent the National Guard to the southern border.

Sessions commended U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California Adam Braverman for filing charges against caravan members.

“When respect for the rule of law diminishes, so too does our ability to protect our great nation, its borders, and its citizens,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a press release. “The United States will not stand by as our immigration laws are ignored and our nation’s safety is jeopardized.

About 200 members of the caravan tried to cross near San Diego, Calif. at the San Ysidro crossing.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said it can house about 300 asylum seekers at the facility, but it was full when the caravan arrived, ABC News reported.

CPB warned caravan members not to cross the border, as it did not have the resources to accommodate them.

About 50 asylum seekers crossed the border regardless.
The rest are waiting on Mexican side of the border until the CPB makes room for them.

CPB said it will screen asylum seekers to screen their eligibility before sending them to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for final decisions.


Since when do illegals get to tell the government when they can come into this country?

Tired of all of this bellyaching – you are supposed to be in charge and the people elected you all to do your job. If the job is to big for whoever – then we need replacements.


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