Five (5) Democrats That Need To Be Investigated.

05/02/2018 Source: TTN by: TTN Staff

The double standard couldn’t be starker. Ever since Nixon covered up the Watergate Scandal, Democrats try to get lucky and dig up dirt on Republicans, but so many of their crimes are never prosecuted. With the daily downpour of news, it’s easy to forget all of the things they’ve gotten by with, but we aren’t going to let that happen.

While Mueller’s team of Democrat hatchet-men look for something on President Trump, we’re going to show you the liberal Democrats that should have gotten this level of scrutiny.

(This is the purpose of Mueller’s dog and pony show – he is trying to run out the clock on these five big crimes. That should not happen.)

Share this with your friends, because liberals should never have gotten away with these crimes. The last one is the worst, as it is the most outrageous example of criminal behavior we have ever seen in a public official or officials.



The former governor of Virginia was ironically elected on an anti-corruption wave after liberals trumped up the case against Republican Bob McDonnell, who was eventually exonerated. As a major democrat fundraiser for the Clinton’s McAuliffe was implicated in the Clinton’s Chinagate scandal in 1996 and has maintained extensive ties with the communist nation for decades. He came under investigation for a $120,000 donation given to his campaign by a billionaire who served in China’s communist legislature. To date, no charges have been brought. He intends to run for president in 2020.



Lois Lerner was in charge of the Exempt Organizations Division in Obama’s corrupt IRS, which was used against conservative organizations to deny them tax exempt status;several organizations were subject to malicious audit. She notoriously invoked the fifth amendment in her testimony before Congress, and her testimony in a resulting civil case has been sealed to insulate her from further exposure. Her actions were meant to hamper conservative opponents to President Obama in the 2012 election.



As you can view Mueller in this photo with Obama and were his corrupt crew planning the role he is now playing as the investigator – rather than going after Obama colluding with Russia which is the case – he is passing time to keep the Democrats from going to jail and the Democrats are calling it – President Trump colluding with Russia. It has been going on for 11 months and no collusion. Mueller is trying to find that “ham sandwich” to use as the crime as he has done in the past.


The Fast and Furious Scandal occurred under Holder, as Obama White House officials stopped a requirement for gun dealers to report bulk sales of high-powered semiautomatic rifles commonly used by illegal drug cartels. Such weapons killed many people, including border agents, including Byron Terry. The weapons were likely allowed to be sold to generate anti-gun fervor as known murderers used them in crimes. Holder was conveniently cleared by an internal Inspector General inquiry – but was impeached by Congress.



The Inspector General wasn’t so lenient toward McCabe, who was recently fired before he could retire from the FBI without incident. McCabe lied on several occasions, including under oath, and was behind unauthorized leaks. McCabe may the rare exception, as his case was referred for prosecution. McCabe has financial ties to McAuliffe and the Democrats and has played a role in the behind the scenes shenanigans against the Trump administration.

5. THE CLINTON’S (Obviously)


From Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual assaults to Hillary’s corruption in taking money for the Clinton Foundation and her destruction of emails containing classified information, the Clinton’s certainly deserve more scrutiny than they have received. The clock is running out on Hillary’s mishandling of classified information, as the statue of limitations is five years. The Uranium One scandal is perilously close to treason and is the real Russian collusion that deserves a special counsel. Other than losing the 2016 election, it seems no charges will be brought against them.


The Obama eight years were the most corrupt our country has ever been through; and, if something is not done about all of this corruption – it will only leave our country looking like a banana Republic.

History has to show that Obama and the Democrats – due to the election loss of their candidate – Hillary Clinton – tried to over throw a duly elected candidate – Donald Trump.

The Mueller investigation is just a Democrat ruse to pass time and let the clock run out on the crimes committed by these five. We elect these people to run the country and keep it safe and they do nothing.

AG Sessions will go down in history as a failure to do his job by assisting the Democrats and the Elite Republicans by allowing these five and others to commit crimes and skate.


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