As we all know, during Obama’s eight years (as our Muslim leader) – he filled the U.S government with Muslim employees with his biggest coup being Valarie Jarrett as the right hand of Obama, plus his sixteen (16) czars. We know now that there were employees in Senator Blumenthal’s office (one of Osama Bin Laden’s right hand man – can you believe this)and Debbie Wasserman Schulz’s office (THE SWAMP)(four Pakistanis). We really have no idea how many more are still wandering around with the democrats in the halls of government with security clearance.

Yesterday, Israel’s Prime Minister released information about the Obama/Kerry’s Iran Deal which isn’t worth a dime because they were lying to us while the whole time they have been – striking match stick, after match stick – working on their nuclear bomb.

Obama and Kerry both knew this was a “straw deal” and according to Iran’s HOLY BOOK – they can lie, cheat, and steal from “INFIDELS” and it is part of the deal for the justification of the “end result justifies the means.” Why haven’t we been ‘TRUSTING AND VERIFYING’ this deal after all we paid more than pennies and dollars (all in cash because they didn’t trust us) for signing off on it.

We need to call Obama and Kerry before Congress – they have some explaining to do. We need to ask for a refund. Iran has probably already spent it for all of the military men they have spread in the Middle East getting killed to help Russia.

Why did Obama and Kerry do this to the U.S.? We have to be a little more particular in picking and choosing our allies who are supposed to be our friends.

Just in case you forgot – this is how we stand with Muslims.


Leapin josepha’s:

Obama and Kerry knew what the law of Iran’s land is – but they didn’t care because they were trying to help someone out – wonder who that someone is. After all, Kerry was dealing with his Iran side-kick, who is his daughter’s father-in-law. Kerry’s daughter is married to his son.


What is going on here – are we that stupid?


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