All we have heard from the Democrats and Maxine Watters is, ‘IMPEACH TRUMP.’ The democrats have not contributed anything to President Trump’s agenda except those phrases. In the next election “let’s clear the deck of these democrats who are interfering with taking our country back to its REPUBLIC roots – with the people’s agenda – not the muslim/communist democrats’ agenda.

The democrats have kidnapped the old party and what you see is what you get is – more illegals and impeach Trump. They are a bunch of brainless idiots who we have let them have their way – look what they have done to the educational system and our children and look what Obama/Democrats did – they turned D.C. into – a muslim fortress now called the SWAMP.

While the mainstream media offers nothing more than relentless attacks against President Trump, we want to draw your attention to the race for control of the U.S. Senate.

This year, Republicans have 9 seats up for re-election and Democrats have to defend 26 seats. We have an incredible opportunity to strengthen our Republican Majority in the forthcoming election. Just be sure they are not Elite Repub’s.

Republicans hold a narrow majority of 51 seats. Losing just one seat to the Democrats would cause us to lose our majority.

We can’t afford to do nothing while liberals attempt to undo all of our hard work and bring back failed Obama-era policies. Will you take action to defend our Republican Senate Majority?

Your support is essential to providing Republican Senate campaigns with vital resources.

Expanding field offices, launching TV and radio ads, funding phone banks for volunteers to make Get-Out-the-Vote phone calls — these are just a few of the ways your support will make a critical difference for Republicans in battleground races. Donate now to maximize your impact.

Republicans face tremendous challenges this cycle, but with your help, I know we can preserve our GOP Senate majority.

We have to encourage all Republicans to vote. If not, we are back to the old Obama-failed policies of dragging our country back into the swamp of third world country policies because you now know that Democrats are now muslim/communists.

Onward to victory! Voter ID and paper ballots.


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