KOMMONSENTSJANE – How Progressives Changed The Way We View Our Rights And The Constitution. Reclaim Our Republic.

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For your information.

When you vote for a Republican – be sure is not an Elite Republican.

The part that I do not like is – we have a Constitution and laws that have been passed; but, during the Obama eight years – the House and the Senate sat on their back sides and did nothing to stop Obama during the time he up-ended the country and used his power to hurt conservative people?

Why didn’t they stop him – and now the Dem’s and Elite Repub’s are working against the American people who voted this President into office and are working to stop President Trump from putting into place the agenda of the American people.

This tells me the Republican Elites since they worked with Obama and the Democrats have to be voted out of office because they are working with the Democrats who are now muslim/communists.

A vote today for a Democrat is a vote for a muslim/communist form of government. We all know these people took our country to a new low and are still working with Pelosi and Schumer trying to over take this country by bringing in illegals.

WE HAVE TO VOTE IN MORE REPUBLICANS who are not Elite Republicans and who are for our Constitution and laws of the Republic.


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