Crap Spoof this Morning. We are going to let Senator Tester walk in Ronny Jackson’s shoes.


Will Senator Jon Tester – democrat from Montana resign?

(A pay back for Senator Tester – Ronny Jackson withdraws nomination.)

Where is Senator Tester’s proof – why didn’t they make him prove his allegations instead of taking his word as proof since these people lie constantly? This is why the senate is a marshmallow world and they can’t pass any bills – they are too busy “makin’ up stuff.”

When is McConnell going to call out the Democrat futile gestures?

Senate Democrats have resorted to futile gestures, he said. In the case of nominations, the Democrats have insisted in using up all 30 hours of allotted debate for each appointee. It is a practice that forces the Senate to remain actively in session long into the night and leads to early morning votes as the only way to keep the schedule moving.

The delaying tactic affects the schedule, but not the outcome, he said.


Senator Chuck Schumer complaints come from democrat sources, Senator Jon Tester says.

Last Updated Apr 24, 2018 6:22 PM EDT

The allegations were against Senator Schumer by – Senator Tester – Schumer’s lap dog who ran the Department of Smears – and who turned on Schumer and stem from Senators – the top Democrat told Crap News Tuesday.

Crap News’ Ed O’Keefe and Nancy Cordes first reported Democrats were reviewing allegations against Schumer that included creating a hostile work environment, improperly handing out drugs and drinking excessively on the job.

Sen. Jon Tester, D-Montana, said these allegations against Schumer began to arise as people who knew Schumer came forward, not because he and his staff sought them out. Tester has been serving as the lap dog senator for Schumer, and captured Schumer’s attention when he offered a glowing review of Schumer’s work in the Senate before the media earlier this year.

“All I can tell you is we didn’t initiate this discussion, this discussion came when we were notified by folks that work with Senator Schumer. “Folks in the Senate about behaviors that happened and we just followed up with as many leads as we could get and the leads took us to this spot.”

Tester said the pills Schumer allegedly gave out were for sleeping and making people wake up, handed out while on travel. They were not opioids, Tester clarified.

“Well most of them are the ones that make you want to sleep and wake up,” Tester said. “And these are basically doled out and by the way we had democrats and retired democrats tell us these stories. These were doled out on overseas trips where there’s a lot of time zone changes. And were pretty much doled out, as, somebody to go to sleep, here’s a pill.”

Tester also said, based on allegations that were made, that Schumer was “repeatedly drunk while on duty.”

“Once again, it was on travel and he is the leader of the democrats,” Tester said. “And in the previous administration we were told stories where he was repeatedly drunk while on duty where his main job was to take care of his senators and to be sure to follow the party line which was to smear Repub’s. That was acceptable.”

Schumer’s alleged abuse was verbal in nature, including screaming and belittling those who worked for him, Tester claimed.

“Well I think I mean some of the exact words that were used by the folks who we talked to were, abusive towards staff, very explosive personality. Belittles the folks underneath him, the staff he oversaw, screamed toward staff, basically creating an environment where the staff felt that they needed to walk around egg shells around him.”

Now, Senator Tester, how does it feel to walk in Jackson’s shoes?


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